The Avant Santé team is composed of highly qualified people in each discipline with years of experience in the design of studies and analysis of information. We use the best software programs in the newest versions configured and certified to the best of experience and global knowledge.

Our staff, together with highly specialized statistical programs, make it possible to meet and exceed the strict clinical research requirements of our sponsors. Our process of generating studies is methodical and ensures that the analysis of information is flawless. The information generated is collected in appropriate formats governed by applicable regulatory standards.

Our team of statisticians is proud to go hand in hand with the latest developments and statistical techniques. In our procedures the international standards are applied and they are verified by an internal audit system so that they fully comply with the applicable regulations.

We are a flexible team, focused on providing solid statistical solutions according to the requirements of the sponsor within the time and budget.

  • Equipped with the Statistical Analysis System (SAS 9.4)
  • Winonlin software