Drug interchangeability studies such as Bioequivalence and / or Bioavailability are essential for national drug programs and represent the process of live verification of drugs that seek to be made available to the general population of a nation. Commonly and after successfully completing laboratory quality tests, clinical trials when unsuccessful are due to poor study design and performance, which represents significant losses for the industry.

At Avant Santé with our experience in clinical studies, our infrastructure, rigid compliance with global regulatory standards and the best team of specialists internationally we have, we can deliver high quality work always on time.

Our highly qualified and highly experienced medical researchers and staff plan to implement and execute your clinical trial taking into account every opportunity and challenge at every step of the way.

Our independent quality system monitors and audits all clinical trials in each and every one of its phases. The accumulated knowledge acquired from each and every one of our audits is incorporated into the continuous improvement and training program to ensure that we operate to the highest standards and efficiency levels. We take rigorous measures to prevent “volunteer tourism”.

Our pharmacokinetic services include:

  • Bioavailability and bioequivalence
  •  Dosage escalation evaluations
  •  Kinetics of drug-food interactions and drug-drug
  •  Repeated doses and stable kinetic evaluation
  •  Special Populations
  •  PK study design, protocol writing, and drug delivery